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Holy Grail Bath Salts & Unicorn Bath Bubbles


25 oz  bag - The Holy Grail Bath Salts - Herbal bath soak for everything

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, coarse dead sea salt, coarse pink himalayan salts, calendula petals, English lavender flowers, rose buds, cedar leaf, eucalyptus leaf, chamomile buds & passion flower.

Usage: Fill the mulin bag (attached) and hang from the faucet in your tub or steep in the water.  Bag is reusable and the bath salts can be reused or disposed of in the trash or composte.  

16 oz  container - Unicorn Bath Bubbles

A whole container of Cotton Candy bath bomb dust!  Contains the equivelent of 10 bath bombs!  

Instructions: Scoop unicorn bath bomb dust into the tub and watch it bubble!

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